Based on a Liberal’s complain HDFC Bank Mulls action against Hindu Employee for his FOE

LW Hindu Phobic Uzair Hasan Rizvi complaints to HDFC Life on twitter against one of its employee for his civilized blog on HindRastra on FB. In his complaint he accuses Akshay as both Islamophobic & Xenophobic, His views reflect hatred, as a Muslim. Also indirectly threatened to discontinue their service.

HDFC SM team responded that person who blogged is their employee and they will action against the employee and they said as an organization, and as a group, they strongly condemn such divisive and insensitive comments.

However, response of HDFC hasn’t gone down well with the common people on SM, they are questioning why cant Hindus have their FOE, as the person on only expressing his view in civilized way. Tweeples also questioned in what way the blog divisive and insensitive ? and Soon it started trending #BoycottHDFC should any action taken against kshay. SM was quick to callout on Rizvi on his Hindu phobic tweets

*This article is not satire