Chinese scientists now claim coronavirus originated in Planet Mars. yes you read it right!!

China has for long been trying to conveniently blame other countries for the outbreak of novel WuhanVirus. First they said It was Europe, then they said it was India but now Chinese researchers have claimed that the deadly virus originated in Planet Mars. yes you have read it right, scientists have found strong enough evidence to prove the Corona originated from Mars planet

A team of scientists which included cosmologists, astro physics experts learnt that Virus originated in Planet Mars, they said Virus travelled from NASA’s Rover and India’s satellite Mangalyaan and travelled unnoticed to Wuhan. In their paper, the Chinese team use Rhyming word analysis analysis to trace the origins of Covid-19. Since corona belongs to SARS family, they discovered that it rhymes with Mars.

Their proven theory goes on to say: “The photographs and videos that were taken by Rover & Mangalyaan were infected by corona and they transmitted the virus back to earth using electromagnetic waves and poor healthcare system and young population allowed the virus to spread undetected for several months.