Politicians, Media and Celebs Reactions To Yeti Foot Print Discovery

Chaliye #Yeti bhai ko vanakkam! Hope I get to do a non-political walk with him someday.” ~ Narendra Modi

“Another day to thank Nehru for inculcating the environmental temper in us to discover more and more animals” ~ S Ghose#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeti? No thanks. Give me bed tea” ~ MM Sen#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeti! What Jaati?” ~ Ravish#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

Topic of
Intrigue” ~ Venkaiah Naidu#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Statues of Hindu gods have scared the #Yeti away!” ~ The Print#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“I’m sure Modiji ke Sena will find the #Yetione day. Will rename it Prati then.” ~ Yogi#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeti, tumhaare paas foot prints hai, lekin class nahin” ~ Rajdeep#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Vote even for the Yeti, but not Modi!” ~ Atishi#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

#Yeti, ellidhiyappa?” ~ HDK#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“We have seen the Yeti many times, when we shared our border with North Hawaii!” ~ Imran Khan#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“5 hottest pics of what the #Yeti would look like” ~ TOI

“SO WHAT?! SO BLOODY WHAT?! If Modi wants, he can make tea, hold it in his hand and tell the Yeti – yeh tea!” ~ MS Aiyar#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Sorry folks. The #Yeti is as real as Mysore Pak is a Karnataka delicacy” ~ @ARanganathan72

“Yeti, tere ko 15 lakh Rupaai mila ki nahi?” ~ Digvijaya Singh.#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“I think we should have a dialogue with the Yeti. Don’t we have a heart?” ~ Sam Pitroda#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Even the Yeti foot PRINT, can go on PRINT …but the ‘august’ journalists’ names cannot be PRINTed! And that, in itself, is a bigger foot PRINT – it’s the foot PRINT of what journalism, in PRINT, has become! Journalism, my foot!” ~ Arnab#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Even a scholar like myself finds this awesome. Nehru would’ve been proud of this.” ~ Ram Guha.#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeh #Yeti lagbhag Himalayas ke andar hai. Hope it agrees for an alliance with us” ~ Kejriwal#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“The time has come, to release my most legendary video – the #Yeti and i, doing the ‘Yeti dance’. Watch this space!” ~ @Iyervval#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“important to note that if the footprints aren’t the #Yeti‘s, they could be some other creature’s. Amazing how it all works out in the end.” ~ Harsha Bhogle / @TweetsOfBhogle#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“I was sitting in the middle seat and wanted to look at the #Yeti, so I asked the window seat passenger if he would allow me to switch places for a few minutes. He agreed and even apologised that people like me should even ask him!” ~ Rifat#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeti and Jinnah fought for our freedom!” ~ Shotgun#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Priyanka Gandhi springs a surprise..reads Tintin in Tibet at Cong meeting room!” ~ P Ghosh#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Vistara will not be commenting about the #Yeti footprints as we do not intend to disrespect anyone.” ~ Vistara#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Russia might have sent this #Yeti to influence this election.” ~ CBN#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Forget #Yeti, let’s look at RTE first.” ~ @SwarajyaMag#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

*suspends Yeti’s Twitter account* ~ Twitter India.#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeti illa nu naan sollaliye..irundha nalla irukkum nu thaane sollaren!” ~ @ikamalhaasan#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“I’ve seen the #Yeti..many times! Meri team sab record karti hai ?” ~ Amit Shah.#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“Yeteeheehee :)” ~ Mirror Now#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“If there isn’t a #Yeti,
in your city,
as per this short stint,
of a giant footprint,
it would be a real pity.” ~ @bibekdebroy#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

#Yeti footprints: even giants are scared in Modi’s India” ~ The Wire.#ReactionsToYetiFootPrintDiscovery

“What a Brobdingnagian set of footprints!” ~ Tharoor.Ok, last one ?


This amazing humorous by Aswhin S Kumar