LS2019 : Javed faab’s son Farhan Akhtar Tweet proves something about Bollywood IQ

Today ( 19 May 2019 ) about 8:41 am bollywood’s known Writer, Director & Actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted on Loksabha election. His tweet reads “Dear electorate of Bhopal, it’s time for you to save your city from another full-of-gas tragedy. #SayNoToPragya #SayNoToGodse #RememberTheMahatma #ChooseLoveNotHate “. In his tweet he was requesting people of Bhopal not to vote for Pragya Singh Thakur, but what Mr Jr Akhtar perhaps never knew that LS election in Bhopal was held on 12th May. This also shows that Farhan doesn’t have an Iota of information regarding Bhopal Gas tragedy, as he compares it to Sadhvi.

once Farhan was questioning BJP leader, who said Bollywood artist are generally low in IQ, but Karma is bitch

Soon he tweeted he must have realised that he invited Troll Tsunami on himself, the reason is self explanatory

Biased Celebs thinks its ok to tweet any nonsense and getaway? this is no 2004, this is New India, where common people have the power to call out the lies. Lets look at how twitterati responded on this