Oxford Dictionary Trolls Rahul Gandhi, calls out his lie

Y’day ( 15 May 2019) Rahul Gandhi tried to take pot shot at Modi through twitter, He tweeted ” There’s snew word in English Dictionary. Attached is snapshot of the entry“. On Top of that Rahul tried to be cheeky by adding NYAY advertisement in the SS

In Less than 24 hrs, tweet turned out to be yet another self-goal by Rahul, as Office Oxford Dictionary handle has called out Rahul lie. They has tweeted ”
We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries” . However netizens have already called out the fake tweet Oxford Dictionaries made it official.

As soon as Oxford Dictionaries confirmed it was fake. It was as if Rahul has asked for it, here are some funny roasting tweets