Rajdeep gets offer from World Boxing Federation

Rajdeep gets offer from World Boxing Federation to join as a Director

It was a dark and a windy day when the news editor in chief received a mail from World boxing federation to join them as a director. A post was vacant since last two years to lead the prestigious organization – World boxing federation. The board had a series of meetings to come up to a name but the meetings weren’t fruitful.

It was one of the member who recently saw the Madison square videos of Rajdeep showing his boxing skills. The member without wasting any time called everyone at midnight and held a virtual meeting due to pandemic and showed them the video of Madison square garden.

The other members were so impressed by his boxing skills, they wasted no time sending an offer letter to Rajdeep. They also thought that conducting an interview would be a waste of time.

Sources have said that Rajdeep will soon announce his new job details on twitter


PS: article is work of Satire