“Rollback Farmville” – Said a protestor at the farmers protest site

“Rollback Farmville” – Said a protestor at the protest site, yes you heard it !!!

Our reporter went to the Singhu border to cover the farm bill protest and got a very bizarre reply from a protestor. The report asked a protestor on what exactly are his demands from the government. The protestor quickly said he wants the government to put a ban on Farmville game like the government put ban on the Chinese apps. Before our reporter could correct him, he went on saying that his son has been playing Farmville since 2011 and never looked back. He also said that his son had to quit his education with his full time involvement in the Farmville game.

The protestor narrated an incident that “One day his son reached his school without wearing trousers as he was busy playing Farmville on his smartphone. It was a wintery day and still he didn’t realize that he forgot to wear his trousers. We were called by his class teacher and were asked to bring the trouser along. And with more repeated incidents, we were given a suspension letter by the school authorities.”

When asked what does he thinks of Farm Bill and Not Farmville, The protestor mentioned that “the feels that the bills might be a good opportunity for the farming sector”